Visits and visitors

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Our curriculum is enhanced with a wide range of visits both in the local area and further afield.  We strongly believe learning in different environments and having hands on experiences makes a positive difference to the education we offer all pupils.

Our day visits include:43FBD99B-63EB-4469-AFF8-C7B9356A69C1.jpeg

Norton Priory

Chester Zoo

Halton Castle




Beeston Castle

Many of our trips out are to help us learn about our local area and make the most of the resources and services on our doorstep.  We will often have local walks, go litter picking in our community, visit the library at Halton Lea and visit local schools to provide new opportunities to our pupils.  


Sometimes going on a day visit somewhere isn't possible so we welcome visitors to school to enrich our curriculum.   Visitors include chefs, authors, inspirational people, our PSCOs, fire fighters, school nurses and other members of the community. We provide lots of workshops too so our children learn essentials skills to help them lead happy, healthy lifestyles.


Gorsewood Primary School

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