School Council

Our school council will provide a meaningful way in which our pupils can represent their peers, voice thier opinions and have their views taken into account on decisions.

In September 2023, we  held our elections to elect our new school councillors.  It was a tough election and there were some outstanding speeches!

Congtaulations to the newly appointed councillors:

Reception representatives: Alfie and Jenson

Year 1 representatives: Ava

Year 2: Jack and Ana

Year 3: Bella and Zax

Year 4: Gracie and Millie

Year 5: Sophie and Elle

Year 6: Noah and Leo


Thank you to our school councillors for 2022-2023

Reception representatives: Tyler and Ellie

Year 1 representatives: Spencer and Isabella

Year 2: Declan and Grace

Year 3: Brandon and Sophie H

Year 4: Sophie  and Jayden

Year 5: Jenson and Leen

Year 6: Poppy and Calvin

Thank you to to our school councillors for 2021-2022

Reception representatives: - Paige and Hannah from Year 6

Year 1: Zaxarias and Thea with Ava and Reggie from Year 6

Year 2: Heath and Millie Mc

Year 3: Jayden and Lucas

Year 4: Noah and Amelia

Year 5: Kya and Grace

Year 6: Mason and Sophie


School council changes - you really do make a difference!

Meat Free Mondays

 PE hoodies

Juice dispensers on Fridays

Charity events

Playground equipment






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