Residential Visits

In Gorsewood, we are proud to offer all children from Year 2 upwards the opportunity to go on a school residential visit.

School residential visits provide children with many wonderful experiences and memories.  They help children to develop their independence, learn new skills and visit places they may never get to go!  Pupils may feel that they know their classmates and teachers well from day-to-day contact in school, but the experience of living with them in a residential community can add a completely new dimension. It raises the whole area of interpersonal skills, including leadership, team work and trust and respect. 

We currently offer the following residential trips:

Year 2 - one night at Foxhowl outdoor centre in Delamere Forest

Year 3 - two nights at CHET outdoor centre in Crosby

Year 4 - two nights at Kingswood Activity Centre in Staffordshire

Year 5 and 6 - two night city experience in either London, Ediburgh or Cardiff

Our Year 5 and 6 residential trips, focus on visiting one of the capital cities of Great Britain.  These trips enable pupils to develop their cultural understanding and knowledge of the country they live in. 

On these visits we enrich the curriulum and provide first hand learning opportunities for pupils through other visits including art musuems, castles, science museums and dungeon experiences to name a few.

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