Music at Gorsewood

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All children at Gorsewood study music ievery week in lessons delibvered by our music specialist teacher, Mrs Price.

Children receive whole class recorder lessons and when they show a particular skill in this area, we work hard to ensure that they are given opportunities to pursue this area further. We provide clarinet, flute, keyboard and guitar lessons.

We also have Year 5 drumming from an external provider for a full term every year.  Children have learnt Samba, African and Taiko drumming to help develop an understanding of different cultures and the importance of music.

We also value the importance of singing and have a choir performing throughout the year at different events including Young Voices, local shopping centres and in school plays.

Children are also given opportunities to watch different performances and be part of an audience too.  We visit local theatres and have visitors to school to share the joys of music and performance with children.  


Gorsewood Primary School

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