Our School Values

Welcome to our school values page

As soon as you enter Gorsewood, you will feel the warmth and friendliness of our school.  Everybody is valued at Gorsewood and every voice listened to.

We firmly believe in nurturing every individual so they have the confidence to be their best self in all they do.

During our weekly assemblies and in class collective worship and reflection sessions, we focus on a value each month.  This coming year our values are:

September - Self belief

October - Friendship

November - Peace

December - Happiness and Love

January - Hope

February - Determination

March - Kindness

April - Equality

May - Courage

June - Positivity

July - Independence


British values are incorporated into our school curriculum and culture.  


What are British Values?

Video explaining British Values


Individual Liberty - We are independent learners.  In our lessons, we are given the opportunity to reflect on our learning and make choices about what we need next. Our older children are given resposibilities such as buddies and monitors.  We have a wide range of extra curricular clubs and children are given the freedom to choose what clubs they attend.  We are listened to and supported so we can make safe choices.  We have the confidence to be ourselves and celebrate our differences.


The Rule of the Law - We have our school Be Rules, which we all follow.  We also have visits from PCSO Chris who reinforces rules and helps us to understand how to be good citizens and make a positive contribution to our community.  We also learn about rules in games and sports.  Our older buddies help our younger children to understand rules.  Through the bikeability course, children learn about the highway code and how to safely ride their bikes on the roads.   Our E-safety lessons teach children the rules to follow online to ensure they remain safe.


Democracy - We have a school council who are elected every year.  We also have house captains and vice captains, who are elected too.  We listen to 'pupil voice' and act upon it.  Children are also given opportunities to be leaders.  When we have rewards, we make decisions together and gather ideas from everybody.  Children have just recently selected new play equipment.


Tolerance - At Gorsewood we are proud to promote and celebrate our different backgrounds and beliefs. We learn about difference faiths and cultures in RE, Geography and other lessons too.  We have assemblies with visitors and throughout the year have special themed weeks and days to celebrate cultural differences.


Mutual Respect - We understand the importance of mutual respect and everybody in the Gorsewood family respects each other.  We have high expectations and we are all polite and friendly towards each other. Through our curriculum, we learn about difference cultures and religions so we can respect and understand differences.  We learn to respect the environment and how to look after our school and community.  We keep our community clean through litter picking and make a positive difference.


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