At Gorsewood Primary School, we are committed to ensuring all children have good attendance and are punctual so they can reach their potential and benefit from all of the wonderful opportunities and experiences school offers.

Time off school can impact the amount of progress your child makes.  We use a traffic light system to track attendance.  Parents/carers receive a termly update on attendance.  We support parents to improve attendance which falls in the red or orange band.

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We ask parents to inform school as soon as possible if their child is going to be absent from school.  We have an answerphone system so voice messages can be left or alternativey you can email or text school.

We always carry out first day calling to determine why a child is absent from school if we havent been notified. Sometimes we will carry out a home visit.

At Gorsewood, we celebrate good dattendace so all classes with over 96% attendance each week receive a reward.

We als work as a whole school to earn rewards for good attendance.  There is a display in the main corridor showing our progress.


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