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 Every Child To Be Active


At Gorsewood Primary, Physical Education lessons will develop pupils’ physical competence and confidence, providing opportunity for pupils to be creative, competitive and to face different challenges as individuals and in groups or teams. Our lessons at Gorsewood promote positive attitudes towards active and healthy lifestyles to ensure that we are focusing for the drive on childhood obesity. As a school we promote and adopt a daily ‘active mile’ initiative, ensuring all children are involved in exercise daily. We maintain the Platinum School Games Mark, for our commitment to local competitions and we offer a range of physical after school clubs. 


In Gorsewood Primary School, we use the ‘Power of PE’ scheme of work as the basis for our planning. We have adopted a progressive approach, where children are taught different sports throughout their PE journey. PE is taught two hours a week. One of these hours is taught by the PE Lead, to raise the standards of PE lessons and provide professional development opportunities for other staff. There is a whole school long term curriculum plan and a PE skill progression document.  To ensure we provide children with a broad knowledge of sports, there are a range of opportunities to take part in competition during the Primary School PE Curriculum. 

Each unit has clear end points to keep outcomes focussed and allow for learning to be adapted to challenge and support as needed. Each lesson has a clear ‘Can I’ learning objective in line with school policies. Key vocabulary is used in lessons to support the sporting language children are using. Lessons are delivered by modelling and group work. 

Physical Education is celebrated across the school: themed days, assemblies, and the school twitter page. 

In Gorsewood, we have also adopted the School Game initiative of 60 Active minutes. This initiative focuses on trying to provide children with as many active opportunities throughout the school day as possible. Teachers are working hard to provide children with opportunities to be active in lessons that are outside of the PE curriculum. For example, ‘Active Maths and Science’. Evidence of these activities are often shared on Twitter and celebrated across the school













Through our physical education curriculum, pupils will increase their understanding of how to develop and improve their knowledge, skills and understanding of physical education in different physical activities and sports and learn how to evaluate and recognise their own success. They will enjoy communicating, collaborating and competing with each other as they exercise their bodies and build their skills.
They will develop and love and interest of PE and those sportsmen and women who have shape/shaped the world we live in. 

Here at Gorsewood we pride ourselves in the vast range of activities we have on offer both through lessons and as extra curricular activities. The links below take you to just a few of the pages showcasing P.E. At Gorsewood. 

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