Extra-Curricular After School Clubs

We are very proud of the wde range of extra curricular clubs we offer throughout the year.

After school clubs provide children with new experiences and opportunities.  Children are able to work with different members of staff and children from different classes meaning they make new friends and become more confident in school.  We encourage all children to try at least one after school.  We try hard to offer a wide range of clubs including sports, craft, wellbeing, science, performance and creative clubs.

Choices will be released electronically each half term for you to view and register your child. Numbers will be limited so please ensure you log your child's interest early to ensure they secure a place.

We ask that children do a maximum of 2 clubs per half term.  This then allows all children to have the opportunity to benefit from the clubs we offer.

If your child no longer wishes to attend a club. Please let school know so we can offer the place to another child.

Gorsewood Primary School

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