School Council

Our school council will provide a meaningful way in which our pupils can represent their peers, voice thier opinions and have their views taken into account on decisions.


We held our school elections in November 2022 and the following children were elected to formed our School Council for the year 2022-2023:

Reception representatives: Tyler and Ellie

Year 1 representatives: Spencer and Isabella

Year 2: Declan and Grace

Year 3: Brandon and Sophie H

Year 4: Sophie  and Jayden

Year 5: Jenson and Leen

Year 6: Poppy and Calvin


Thank you to to our school councillors for 2021-2022

Reception representatives: - Paige and Hannah from Year 6

Year 1: Zaxarias and Thea with Ava and Reggie from Year 6

Year 2: Heath and Millie Mc

Year 3: Jayden and Lucas

Year 4: Noah and Amelia

Year 5: Kya and Grace

Year 6: Mason and Sophie

This year you have been very important and brought about some brilliant changes to our school.  You introduced 'Meat Free Mondays'.  This idea means that we are helping to reduce our consumption of meat and as a result helping to reduce climate change.  This was so successful that our cook shared the idea with other schools and now lots of them also have 'Meat Free Mondays'!  Well done for your hard work in making this idea happen!

You also introduced hoodies to our PE kit.  As part of your work for this, you spoke to parents and classes before deciding on styles and colours.  Hoodies are now a very popular and practical part of our PE kit.

Alongside these changes you have also helped to decide what charities we have supported and selected equipment for playtimes too.  

We will be having our school elections for new school counsellors for 2022-2023 in September 2022.  If you would like to help make our school even better, make sure you apply to become a school counsellor.  This is one of our Bristish Values - democracy - in action as we hold elections and the decisions made are in the hands of all GORSEWOOD children.





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