Where do you love to read?

Date: 18th Oct 2015 @ 1:47pm

When I want to relax I usually turn to one of my many books to help me escape...

If I can't go for a long walk to Royden Park or Thurstaston to have a wander and find a perfect spot to read, I like to read in my back room.



Tell me where you love to read, and if you can, take a photo and upload it to show and share with us...


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summer wrote:

I like to reed in my cudbard

Miss Oakley wrote:

I bet you need a torch for that Summer! Which book are you reading in your cupboard at the moment? Is it Harry Potter?

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mia wrote:

I Like to read in my bed and some times to Ava

Miss Oakley wrote:

I try to have a read every night. It's the perfect way to relax. What a kind big sister you are reading to Ava... I hope it continues.

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No it is Frozen I like reeding books with you

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Emily wrote:

I like to read in the garden because I have a swing so I like reading the never girl books. Most of the time I go in the garden for about an hour and I never get bored. I also like to read in my pink toy house I like reading. Sometimes when I go rucki lifeguarding I am sometimes early so l sit on the mini chair and read Mr Stinck I 💟 David Waliams books.

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