Spring Term in Year 5

Date: 15th Jan 2019 @ 7:44am

This term year 5 will be trying their hand at blogging to let you know all about what we have been learning in class. We would love to hear your comments or questions about what we have been up to and we will try our best to get back to you as soon as we can.

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Finley wrote:

In our first week back we had started an entertaining subject we wrote some New Year's resolutions on a piece of paper there was a slight change because we had drawn it out in graffiti style. My resolution was to have less electronic time buuutttt.... As you can see it didn't turn out I had changed a tiny bit.

Well as you can see a fun start but I shouldn't have got that excited because next I found myself sitting in the middle of my class reciting decimals given from our most kind teacher, it was pretty easy considering maths isn't exactly my strongest point but still not the best subject.

Finally, Literacy though some call it English or sometimes Creative Writing we had started studying poems partitioning them into nouns and verbs through personification the main poems we were paying attention to are called ,Midnight Stroud, and ,Last Night I Saw the City Breathing, they are pretty interesting poems it has a certain back story to it and I like problem solving not Maths though.

In topic we have been working on The Ancient Greeks it's all pretty confusing because we had just finished Ancient Egyptians and the Romans. Our new class novel is called Who Let The Gods Out by Maz Evans it's about a young boy called Elliot and a rather jumpy headmaster named Call Me Graham and his grumpy bald deputy headteacher called Mr Boyle.

We started playing math game called Prodigy in the morning it's really fun because we’re basically wizards in training learning how to beat the most powerful threat to the Prodigy world The Puppet Master. You can catch monsters in it and then they go by your side to help you beat the almighty Puppet Master because he's like Thanos but a puppeteer Thanos but he doesn't want to wipe out half of the population *Cough*. He wants to cause harm and he is like the top illusionist you will ever meet he take over your mind to make you be his own personal flying monkeys to kill your nan or just take her cough medicine. In that week I had earned a Silver award in Prodigy Math Game I was very proud my friend Lacie got 1st so a gold award for her.

We have started a new particular religion called Islam we learnt that their bible is called The Quran Muslims study it loads just like how us Christians study our Bible. We memorized the story of Muhammad and Allah it is written down in Arabic.

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