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Date: 9th Feb 2016 @ 7:29pm

Hello everybody.

As members of the Gorsewood School Sport Organising Crew (SSOCrew) it is our job to help lead and plan the delivery of school sport clubs and Level 1 (intra) school competition programmes in school 

If you have any ideas about the types of competitions you would like to see held or clubs you would like to see run why not leave a comment below? 

Gorsewood SSOCrew

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S Powell wrote:

There needs to be more focus on Athletics, never see much on this and yet every four years people compete in the biggest sporting event in the world and this fundamentally focus on Track.

SSOC wrote:

We are happy to be offering an athletics club in the summer term and there will be a greater focus on athletics in P.E. lessons too.

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Jazminy3 wrote:

I would like a running club .

Amelia Holden Yr3 wrote:

I would like an racing club for running too.

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Izzie y3 wrote:

I would like a football tournament for yr 3 & yr 4.

Keisha Yr3 wrote:

I would like football club y3 and y4s.

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Blake Ford wrote:

Can Gorsewood have a Biking Club for 2017?
Years 3,4,5 and 6

Emily wrote:

That is a great idea I πŸ’œ biking

keira B wrote:

Yeah me to because I love biking as well but in yr5 or yr6 you can do bike ability so...

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Emily wrote:

I think that the school should take all of the good swimmers to the widnes pool to prepare all of them for the next swimming gala so we can win 1st placeπŸ˜‚.

Luke wrote:

Yeah great idea Emily I would love to win the swimming gala next year before I go into year 7 so I won't be able to do the gala so if miss P does take all of the gala team to the Widnes pool we can win 1st place πŸ˜€

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keira B wrote:

Could we have a Table Tennis club because we have now got a table for table tennis

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Any chance of an all girls competitive school football team, who would have regular training, who could possibly compete in tournaments across a the country

keira B wrote:

Yeah that would be a bit better because it's mostly the boys who get treated with football and girls don't get to train or hardly play football because the boys say to most of the girls are rubbish when there not!

Emily wrote:

I know what you mean I have only ever been to a football festival in year 4 only girls could go.

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