Safer Internet Day 2019

Date: 5th Feb 2019 @ 10:58am

In Year 6 we have been learning lots about the internet and how to stay safe. Read our advice to see how you can stay safe online. 


Do you agree? Have you got any other good advice?


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Erin wrote:

Do you use the internet at home? Do your parents know what your doing? If not, read on…

Has something ever came up on your screen, maybe asking you to give location permission or to allow the app to access your settings? Well some of you may not even know what this means, but location permission actually means that your tablet or phone knows where you are at all times! Have you ever had this come up? If you have, what do you think you should do?

Press allow everything will be fine
Press deny you don’t know what it means
Delete the app and never download it again
Tell a trusted adult they will know what to do

Believe it or not, you should tell a trusted adult and they will know what to do. There are also a few facts you need to know about using the internet and and staying safe online:

Never give personal information ie: phone numbers, second names, home address
Tell a trusted adult if something goes wrong online
Be careful that you don’t click on fake messages
Don’t talk to anyone you don’t know online
Only go on age appropriate sites
You will always have a digital footprint (whatever goes online stays there)
If a bad post is there flag it, block it and delete it
Make sure if you are going on a site with an age restriction of 13 or over your parents should know

Well now I hope that you have all the infomation you need to stay safe online, good luck!

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Byron wrote:


Everyone uses the internet, but are we using it properly?
We use the internet everyday we need it but, it can be dangerous.

Be careful what you click on, if you click on an unknown site or a site that someone you don’t know tells you don’t press on it, also if someone sends you a link don’t press on it cause it can put viruses on your device.

If someone sends you a mean message flag it then delete it. This is advice for how to stay safe on the internet.

Thank you for reading

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charlie wrote:

Make sure to use the internet safely because we use the internet every day but if you share information with people who you don't know they can find out your personal information and find out your name phone number address your last name and some others. Don't play games that your to young for if you don't know how to check if your to young you have to look in the bottom corner and if it's over 12 then don't play it.You should be careful from the websites you click on and if something does go wrong tell a trusted adult.

We are trying to help you stay safe on the internet and make sure you don't share private stuff on social media.If you dont no someone and if they text you,you should block and report them to the police or an adult.

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sam wrote:

We all use the internet, but are we using it properly It can be very dangerous, if you put things on the internet it will be there forever. Never give strangers your information like;
Phone number
Be careful on the internet this is telling you how to stay safe on the internet and don’t click on ads.What would you do if things go wrong? Get your parents or guardians to fix it for you.People could steal your personal data.

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Connie O'rourke wrote:

E-safety day!

Whilst using the internet be careful what you are messaging or reading.
We use the internet probably everyday to get on our school websites and apps, and not just at school at home too. You can stay safe by telling a trusted adult if something goes wrong, not talking to strangers, no personal information, Like it, Flag it/report, Block it and delete it. When you get or download an app like instagram, snapchat, facebook there will be a age restriction and if you are not that age don’t fake it because there can inappropriate pictures, comments and videos on these apps.

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bethany wrote:

E-safety is important!
We use the internet every day; as soon as we come in we go on the internet for: prodigy and spellzone.

Social media has got age restrictions such as:
Snapchat is 13 years old.
Facebook is 13 years old.
Whatsapp is 16 years old.
Tick tock is 13 years old.
Twitter is 13 years old.

How to stay safe online!
When the website you are on asks for personal information, make sure you tell an adult what you are telling the website to make sure its not fake or its okay to put information on there!

How to block!
If you want to block someone you need to go onto the settings of the account then it says block. You put what you want to block them for and then you won’t see their posts and they will not be able too talk to you.

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Alex Ilas wrote:

Internet can sometimes be Dangerous!

We use the internet for lots of things like: games, social media, online shops and learning websites but are these things safe? Let’s say you are chatting with your friends and one of them asks for a picture what would you do?
Ask an adult
Send a picture
Send a message

The correct answer is ask an adult because they might want to know where you live and what you do.

Internet can be very dangerous! People you don’t know (strangers) can ask you questions like where you live and what's your username and password on your bank account! You can stay safe by:

Not telling any personal information
Don’t talk to any strangers
Report rude comments and pictures
Don’t go on any rude websites
Tell a trusted adult

Flag it, block it and delete! 😀

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Phoebe wrote:

Today is e-safety day
We use the internet for lots of things like social media, online shopping, work in school but you need to be careful with what you click and you can’t share personal information without permission of a trusted adult. If anything bad happens you need tell a TRUSTED ADULT. If it gets to bad you will need to tell the police. You also need to flag it block it delete it report it.

If your on a website and something pops up like something might say free iphone or you can win a holiday for free or a free teddy but it is not it could be something way inappropriate for your age so DO NOT click on it for your own safety.

Thank you for reading! #staysafeonline #Esafetyday

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Ebony wrote:

You should think before you type because you could get hacked just for an ipad pro! Or is it really? We use the internet every day so you probably think you know everything about it, but there is a lot more to find out and a lot of it is more than you know… Do you know the age restrictions on apps? Well here they are. (these are 13+)
google +

If you get REALLY desperate to go on social media then you need parents permission.

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Taylor wrote:

We use the internet for lots of things like playing games, chatting with friends, watching videos ,but are we using it properly? The first thing about being safe online is to not give anyone your personal information even if it’s your friend you don’t want them to give it to other people do you? If ads pop up asking you to buy their product click the red X in the corner or ask and adult to deal with the ad. The most important thing is DON’T talk to strangers, because if you do you might be talking to them all the time and doing stuff your not supposed to like sending photos to them, telling them your name and saying your age ,so if you ever get a message from a stranger tell an adult or report it. There is also apps that have a certain age restriction like facebook (13) and whatsapp (16) ,but if your parent or guardian allows you to use it follow these 3 steps:
1.flag/report it
2.block it
3.delete it.

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Jamie Nickson wrote:

Are you safe on the internet?
We use the internet daily, phone, ipad , laptop. We use at home and school, i’m using it to write this, but are YOU using it correctly? Consent, what is it? To Consent is to agree, if your parents consent with you playing fortnite even if your not 12, you’re allowed- unless you’re under 7, which your parents probably won’t consent for you being on a 12 game. In this blog i will be telling you how to use the internet properly.

How to be safe on the internet.
First off, I will tell you a rule with very few exceptions, NO PERSONAL INFORMATION!
Even if it’s somebody you’ve been speaking to for awhile. And on the rare occasion you do have to share information, always speak to a trusted adult first.

An app wants to know your location.

Allow Deny

If an app asks you this always make sure you have parents or trusted adult’s consent first before you click anything. Speaking of clicking, that wheel you span and won an iphone X, don’t trust it. It will ask for your email and phone number,which comes under personal information and i very clearly said that you shouldn’t share that. Don’t trust everything you read, pop ups telling you how to get smarter or do your homework for you are fake. They will just take advantage of you and steal information. Say your friends post a picture of you all over social media and the class group chat. You haven’t consented and they won’t take it down. You should flag it, block them, and consider who your hanging out with.

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ryan wrote:

We all use the internet but did you know that it could be very dangerous, The internet is accessible to the whole world so anyone could be on it. Be careful what you click on it could be a virus like the trojan virus so never click on ads.It could download a virus to steal your personal data. If you ever get inappropriate comments, like it, flag it, block it. Never post any mean things as it leaves a bad digital footprint.

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Rileyc wrote:

You there. Do you want to be safe online? I will tell you how

don't give your phone number to a app.

2) don't put your name.

3) never put your postcode in.

If you get a nasty comment block it.If you get a nasty photo report it fast and you will never see that photo again.People can be a little weird sometimes and send rude videos if you get one flag it block it and screenshot it.If a app says put your name don't if the app asks for your phone number dont give it if a app asks for your email address don't give your email address to the app.

Why should we be safe online?

Some people can send nasty messages or send rude videos.

And another thing is that games have an age restriction like GTA that is an 18 year old game so you don't go on it it if your not 18 years old. Do you understand now well you should.

There is not any more much to it apart from don't go on games not your age and don't go on websites which is not your age.

BY riley YR6

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Riley T wrote:

You can see if your following the E-Safety rules!

1. Do you know the age of some of the social meidia sites?

2. Make sure you ask an adult if you want to download apps that are over age (which you should not go on any way) you should be using age appropiate apps.

3. Make sure if your commenting on something, that you send polite messages and no rude or personal comments like:

Phone numbers
Email adresses
Home address
Second names

4. Dont forget if anyone posts a hate comment

Flag It
Block it
Delete It
Like It
And if you like it you can Like it but make sure you like the right thing before you do anything else!

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Dan c wrote:

The way we use online social media games.

We use the internet every day it can be your friend or worst enemy because someone could friend you and try to manipulate a little kid online!

Now in the way that i said that the internet can be your friend is that you can play online with friends so play with people that you now and be safe.

So now we will be going onto how it's not your friend the way it’s not your friend you could encounter some one that’s a stranger and they impersonate a child be safe online.

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Dan M wrote:

Make sure you don’t give any information to any strangers or a competition cos it asks for your address and email and phone number but nothing and when you are on your phone turn off your location . But when you are on a game show tell your parents or your child care.
We have been learning about how to be safe online and social media but the games old people play is not for you are your little brother and sister so when you are on these things like games and apps.

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Ruby wrote:

Today is e-safety

We all use the internet every day because it helps us with our work. But we need to tell you that you should be safe on the internet.

I am going to tell you about the internet; make sure you tell an adult who you are messaging. If you want to buy a new game, make sure you tell an adult. If you are downloading instagram, make sure you ask an adult first. This is because you need to be 13 to use it. Make sure you tell your adult before you post anything, because your adult might say no. The picture might not be appropriate.

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Kaylem wrote:

How to stay safe on the internet

We use the internet for lots of things but do we use it the right way? How do you use the internet do you bully do you do scam people do you fake your age for apps like instagram, snapchat, facebook and whatsapp are you using it properly and not bullying like this saying mean words fretining and making kids not want to go to school because someone has said something horrible to them. Before you get a app you need to ask a parent for permission before you get the app if you do get a nasty message you need to flag it block it and then delete it but if it is a nice message you could like it. Be careful what you click on because they are definitely a scam so if i was you i would block it and flag it then tell a trusted adult to get rid of it watch out what you click on be safe on the internet remember to flag it block it and delete and tell a trusted adult.

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Macie wrote:

E-safety Day !

Everyone uses the internet everyday but are you using it the right way?

Be careful what you click on because it might not be what you think it is ask your guardian before you tap on it to make sure it safe to go on. Make sure you are the right age for the aps that you use because if you are not the right age it may show you things that are not appropriate for your eyes. When posting and texting on apps be positive that you want it to stay there forever because everything that goes on the internet somehow stays on the internet even if you click on delete. Be careful about your personal information what you give out so say if you wanted to sign up for a competition get an adult to put in their details instead of yours. If you get a nasty message you should FLAG it BLOCK it and DELETE it but if it is a nice then LIKE it!

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Thomas wrote:


We use the internet every day on phones,ipads,computers,laptops and Ipads.

How to stay safe on the internet.

Don’t give out personal information.
Tell a trusted adult.
Age appropriate sites only.
Don’t talk to strangers

Talking to strangers can lead to people taking advantage of you and stealing personal information that you told them. Instead of telling them listen to me then I will tell you personal information is. Don’t give out your phone number unless you want random strangers calling you or texting you.


We use the internet every day on phones,ipads,computers,laptops and Ipads.

How to stay safe on the internet.

Don’t give out personal information.
Tell a trusted adult.
Age appropriate sites only.
Don’t talk to strangers

Talking to strangers can lead to people taking advantage of you and stealing personal information that you told them. Instead of telling them listen to me then I will tell you personal information is. Don’t give out your phone number unless you want random strangers calling you or texting you.

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keisha wrote:

We use it everyday but are we using it properly?

When using the internet, a lot of things can happen that we sometimes don’t have a solution for this could be: personal information, not age appropriate sites,digital footprints and so on .All of these things can be used to get personal information online so it’s best to not share your information with anyone. The only people you should give personal information to is your parents or trusted adults/guardians because they are there to help and protect you.Make sure that you are careful about what you are doing on the internet and how you use it. Many apps that children use are most of the time not age appropriate like snapchat or instagram for instance both of these apps are allowed to be used at the age of 13 this is so children under this age are safe on the internet and if you want to go on an app that you don’t know about make sure to tell an adult about it and make sure they agree for you to be trusted on the app. This age restriction is for your safety as sometimes people are not that nice on the internet and can hurt you with their choice of words towards you if this does end up happening to you get a parent to deal with it after you do these important things:
Flag it
Block it
Like it
Delete it

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John wrote:

Today is e safety day. Lots of people use social media and some people try to get your personal information. Do not give out any personal information at all because they will get all your details and also do not click on tabs on small websites. It might be a scam!

Do not talk to strangers
Don't listen to strangers online and tell a trusted adult if a stranger tries to contact you. Be safe on social media and don’t send your personal information to strangers. Be careful adding people online, only add people you know and trust.

Be careful for fake messages as you can’t really trust them and don’t know where they are coming from. Always tell an adult if you’re not sure.

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Harley wrote:

We use the internet everyday but are we using it properly? You can often get spammed by links ‘’WIN A FABULOUS HOLIDAY TO BARBADOS just fill in this form and you might be flying in a couple of weeks. NEVER and i mean NEVER speak to people you don't know especially old men requesting you ‘’@old_guyy1256784’’. Technically you are not allowed to use social media until you’re thirteen to sixteen .

Never spread your personal information such as :
Phone number
Bank details
Pictures of yourself (rude .etc)

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Amelia wrote:

Are you using the internet? Well, did you know that sometimes the internet can be dangerous and can harm you? Instagram is one of the most popular internet apps in the world, but it can also be very bad at times. For example: keep your account private because if your posting pictures of yourself, a stranger can be looking at you. If you ever see anybody being mean over the internet, just follow these instructions :

Screenshot it and send it to your mum or dad
Flag it
Delete it
Block it

Once you follow these instructions you should be ok on instagram, but there are age restrictions on a lot of your apps at home, take whatsapp for instance the age restriction for that is 16!
Here are some others:

Snapchat = 13
facebook= 13
twitter= 13
Whatsapp= 16
tumblr= 13
Pokemon go= 13
Tick tock= 13

As you can see, basically all of these apps you are using you are not allowed to have because you are underage. If you want to get a game for example: pokemon go, ask your parent guardian if you are allowed to get these apps because sometimes, as i said, they can be dangerous. well , now that you have read this i hope that is you have any of these aps you will be safer.

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Jazmin wrote:

How we can keep our selves safe

We can keep our selves safe by telling adult when somone texts you something rude . Don’t keep it to your self because they could be a some one dangerous and scary . They could spam you or keep texting you so show your adult and then flag it if you are under age for social media please keep your selves of it and keep your selves safe please on social media .

Never give your name , address or tellephone number to anyone you don’t know . You should not give numbers to strangers or were you live because they could come and find you, follow you or hurt you .

So if people tells you to do something you don’t want to do just tell a grown up about it or if possible there name who it is. Someone could even ask you to send them a photo or picture of your self . You must never do this because that picture could be sent on social media and everyone would see it without your permission .

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heidi wrote:

Are you using the internet safely here are some tips to help keep safe online.

If you go on tabs make sure you be careful what you click on. but if it goes wrong talk to an adult and then they can help.

These are the key words:
Flag it
Block it
Delete it
Like it

If a stranger comments on your post do not talk to them because you don’t know who they are. Also do not share personal information with anyone that you do not know.

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Izzie wrote:

We all use the internet when we come into school. It is e-safety day today and we need to stay safe when we are on social media. You could get stangers on there.

How to stay safe:
If you get a stranger sending you messages or trying to contact you make sure you tell your Mum or your Dad. The man could do something to you or show you something so tell your Mum or Dad.

Make sure you dont give any personal information.
If you follow a stranger then block them and if they do something rong then report them.

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Tru wrote:

We all use the internet in school, at home, at our mates and everywhere you are going. Are you using the internet safely? Did you know that if you call someone mean names, then you are being mean to other people? It leaves a digital footprint. This means that your comments will stay there forever! If you are getting bullied by text then you should flag it, block it, delete it. If your friend is mean, then you should tell a trusted adult about it. If you are being mean to someone else on instagram, snapchat, facebook or whatsapp, then you are upsetting other people so don’t be mean to someone else.

So please, remember not to be mean, and stay safe on the internet!

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Darcey wrote:

Everyone uses the internet !

Every morning when we come into school we are using the internet , but our teachers knows about it . When you are at home do you parents know you are using the internet ? . You can answer that question . Well if your are over 13 you are fine but under thirteen there is a problem .

Instagram - 13
Youtube - 13
Facebook -13
Fortnite - 12
Twitter -13

So there are some age restrictions so you know the apps you are not allowed to use .

Ways to stay safe .

Do not give any personal information to strangers
Tell a trusted adult if you have a problem
Never put pictures up in your school uniform .
Make sure your passwords are always secure .
Never add people you don't know .
Like it , block it , flag it and delete it .
Digital footprint .
Only go the apps what say your age or if your adult let you and be careful what you click on .

So now you know a bit about the internet do you know how long the pictures stay on the internet FOREVER.If anyone ever tries to send you bad pictures tell an adult and let them deal with it.Always tell an adult if you are getting bullied it is not allowed.It is so easy to get on sites that are not allowed for young children so get an adult to put a parental lock on.

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