Recycle Plastics! By Charlie

Date: 26th Jan 2019 @ 5:02pm

 Recycle plastics!
At least 8 million truck loads of plastic is thrown in the ocean every minute. Is any of it yours?! There are animals dying every day by choking and suffocation - they are dying are slow painful death because of you not recycling! Only 9% of europe's plastic is recycled because no one can be bothered to walk outside for 5 seconds to put a bit of plastic in a bin.
There are 3 different types of plastics which is single use plastic, limited use plastic and extended use plastic extended plastic is the best one because it can last for about a year. When you don't recycle it gets burnt or buried and when it gets burnt it is really bad for the environment because it causes pollution. Furthermore, when it is buried it takes to 500 and 1000 years to go so in that time we could've had about 6 different lives. When the plastic gets thrown into the ocean many animals are suffering a long painful death.
In Gorsewood, we now have a bin for food and we now have a plastic bin and some of Gorsewood have stopped using single use plastic they now use extended plastic cups so we are no longer throwing plastic away and schools also use extended use plastic for trays and plates. Most schools use lots of extended use plastic such as rulers and chairs.
If we can start to recycle more across Europe we will help to save all the harmless animals across the sea and the ocean. If we recycle more we would make the world a better place for us to live in. We can also make a change buying reusable bottles and and using bars of soap instead of body wash.
In conclusion, do you think people across europe should recycle more? If you do think this then recycle so it isnt only 9% of europe who recycle to save the animals in the ocean.


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Keira Lousie wrote:

Nice work I can see you understand how hard it is for animals to live in the ocean.

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Cienna O'Rourke wrote:

good job I like the way you described how hard for animal to live in the ocean.

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Jayden Powell wrote:

It is creative and i like it

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harleyy wrote:

i like it charliee

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Byron wrote:

this is very goooooood :)

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