Plastic Pollution Stealing Lives! By Jamie

Date: 26th Jan 2019 @ 5:10pm


 Plastic pollution stealing lives!

All about plastic​.

Did you know that a 100 baby turtles are choking and will never grow up and experience life? You may be thinking what horrible person did this? What if I told you that horrible monster is you!
If you want to save them listen to me. Plastic is a necessity, we can’t deny it, we use it for bottles, shoes, laptops, phones, bags. We can’t live without it, and I'm not saying we should because extended-use-plastic is fine like things such as chairs, beds and whiteboards, however limited and single use plastic is what we need to watch out for. This is plastic- you only use once or a few times and throw away such as bottles, bags, and toothpaste tubes. This stuff can cause serious damage to the environment (Especially single use plastic which causes
environmental damage on a catastrophic level).

Why it’s so terrible.

We’ve said that it’s so terrible but not why it's so terrible... 100 million marine animals die a year due to pollution which we could prevent by simply using more extended use plastic and using more biodegradable and recyclable things. There’s so much plastic in the ocean that if we dumped a truckload of plastic into it every minute we’d have as much plastic in the ocean as we get a year! Incinerating it may seem plausible at first but this can cause gasses that melt the polar ice caps, known as global warming, and can kill the planet. In the past we’ve been contributing to the problem, however we’re now fighting for the animals and doing everything we can.

What we’re doing in school

In school we are now being more aware of the damage plastic can do. We are doing the following: using recycling bins at lunchtime; doing a mini topic to raise awareness; cutting out the use of single-use-plastic in school and spreading the information across school and at home. This may seem small but it can make a big change over time and save our planet. Helping us in this cause would be greatly appreciated, and here’s how to help.

How you can help

You can help by simply using biodegradable materials or reusable plastic at home. It would also help if you could spread the information you’ve learnt here to your friends helping preserve nature and keep it in its prime.
Remember to be aware of what can and can’t be recycled and cut out single use plastic from your life. Let’s save the earth from pollution!

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Alex Ilas wrote:

I like Jamie's blog because it give you so much information about plastic and tells you how to save the planet. I will definitely tell my parents and friends to stop using single-use plastics and use extended-use plastics.

sam wrote:

Alex i agree with u

Dan c wrote:


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Harry Considine wrote:

I love the use of detail and vocabulary.

Erin wrote:

Me to

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Jack Dougan wrote:

I like the way you said if we dump a truck full of plastic into the ocean that is the same as what we put in the ocean in a year .

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Joseph Bray wrote:

I like what you have said and I will follow that rule for the rest of my life and I will tell as much people a I can to stop the pollution.

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Leonidas Konstantinidis wrote:

I did not know that if we dump a truck full of plastic every minute we would have as much we have over a year .This will stop me from using plastic as much.

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Jazmin wrote:

This sounds very interesting and I didn't want to stop reading it well done jamie

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Erin wrote:

I loved the use of emotive language, and will definitely start recycling more often!

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izzie thompson wrote:

Well done you have done a great job.

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Thomas wrote:

I like the facts in your writing and the punctuation. :)

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Rileyc wrote:

I love the title and the words Jamie and the vocabulary

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Dan c wrote:

I love your vlog jamie beacause your trying to save the baby sea turtules from dying iv'e stoped useing plastic i'm

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Connie O'rourke wrote:

i like this it's sad and it really touches you how sea creatures are living their lives.

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Amelia wrote:

this is very good and interesting. it is also very, very sad because poor sea creatures are dying right now.😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

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