New Years Resolutions!

Date: 6th Jan 2016 @ 4:38pm

This week we have been thinking about New Years Resolutions, what they mean and why people make them? We talked about our own Resolutions. Year One even gave Mrs Westwood a resolution to get a new cup (she has had her one for a very long time!)

What resolution will you make and how will you keep it up?

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Lindsey Kirby wrote:

We have made a resolution to be more active and go out for weekly walks.
Last weekend we went to Wig Island but most of it is closed off due to the bridge works so we went to Sherdley Park in St Helens.

Mrs Westwood wrote:

What a great resolution! You must be really determined to get through all of the traffic!

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Craig wright wrote:

Our new year resolution is to cook more homemade meals rather than eating out so often.

Mrs Westwood wrote:

This is mine too! Keep it going!

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