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Date: 26th Jan 2019 @ 5:07pm

Plastic is something that people are throwing away. Plastic in the ocean is killing our fish, baby turtles, whales and small fish. We use different types of plastic: extended use, limited use and single use. Extended use plastic is plastic that lasts for ages. This is used to make chairs, tables and shoes. Limited use plastic is used for a few times and then thrown away. Single use plastic can only be used once like water bottles and food packaging.
It takes ages to breakdown it takes between 500 and 1000 years. 8 million tonnes of plastic is thrown in the ocean every year. This is the same as a truckload of plastic every minute.
In school , we’ve been learning about plastic. We use extended use plastic plates, cups, trays, tables and chairs. These plastics are really useful and will last a long time. We are trying to not use single use plastic.
The main reason we need to recycle more is because all the fish are dying.

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Robbie Culshaw wrote:

I really enjoyed reading this John. Your writing was full of facts and important information. Well done!

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heidi wrote:

it was very interesting to read but it was very good well done

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byron wrote:

this is very good :)

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charlie wrote:

Good peace of work john.

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Riley T wrote:

i like it John carn't wait for another story! :)

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