It Makes You Think

Date: 14th Oct 2016 @ 9:23am

In year 5 we have been working on a selection of problem solving activities called clued up to encourage us to think, by ourselves, with a partner, in a group or as a class. 

Read our comments below to find out the kind of strategies we found helpful whilst solving these. 

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Ethan wrote:

It was pity hard I have got to say but when you get the hang of it it is fine :)

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Blake Ford wrote:

It was challenging but we done it!!

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Toby y5 wrote:

This work was fun thank you Miss Piper

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ranyssa wrote:

It was confusing at first but it's a really good way to solve problems

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Luc wrote:

This work was hard at first but I got it a bit more when Miss Piper explained it again.

Thank you Miss Piper

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Jack Hughes wrote:

I really want to come back to gorsewood and talk about OBA since I'm probebly not going back there again except for my brothers parents evenings and school plays

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Lena Newton wrote:

That was very tricky but I got it eventually

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Katie bradley wrote:

it was really hard but we did it atlast

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Libbie Wood wrote:

I'm glad year 5 are coping really well with their new class. Can I come back? Please please please!

Miss Piper wrote:

Libbie, you will always be welcome to come back and visit. I bet you are having a great time at high school though.

Libbie Wood wrote:


Libbie Wood wrote:

Hey are you having a Christmas Fair this year? ☺

Bethany Riley wrote:

Hi Gorsewood hope your having a lovely second half term. OBA is quite fun and I've made lots of new friends from all different schools. I would like to say to year 5/6 don't worry about sats because there fine i actually loved them so don't worry and make the most of primary because it gets even harder in high school and you get detentions and trust me there not nice at all. From Bethany Riley :)

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Emily wrote:

The one we did in class was easy but when we went to are groups it was difficult to do.

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