Building our own websites

Date: 27th Jan 2016 @ 2:25pm

As part of our computing work in year 5 we have been challenged to build our own websites using the website Wordpress. We had to choose a theme then add and organise pages using a site map before adding text, picture and video content. 

Click below to check out our websites. (Please remember they are a work in progress).

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Mrs Gregg wrote:

Thank you Year 5. I enjoyed listening to your presentations and looking at your websites. I am very impressed that you are able to build your very own. All the websites were informative and interesting. I think you are all computing stars!
Well done.

Miss Piper wrote:

Thank you very much Mrs Gregg. I too am incredibly proud of all the year 5 computing stars and have enjoyed learning new computing skills along the way. Congratulations to yourself on your very first blog post!

Tamzin Buck wrote:

Thanks Mrs Gregg. It was hard at the star but it get it now so it's easy. xx

Jayne wrote:

Thank you would not of done it without Miss Piper

Louise wrote:

The lesson was epic because was got to build our own websites.

Tamzin Buck wrote:

Thank you Miss Piper.We wouldn't of done it if it wasn't for you Miss Piper. xx

Keira Bradley wrote:

Thank you Mrs Gregg and Miss Piper

Arora wrote:

thank you

Sofia wrote:

Thanks Miss Piper and Mrs Gregg

Ella and Madison wrote:

Thank you Mrs Gregg we like your comment.

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Arora wrote:

Loved doing this so much fun amazing!

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Sofia wrote:

That lesson was so fun :)

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